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Induction Seal Liner

The induction sealing technology is a sector in full expansion where Leadmens has emerged as a leading company. In a growing market where the producers are concerned to protect their products from illicit opening guaranteeing the consumer of the product integrity, we have succeeded in giving a practical and efficient answer to their requirements, to all sectors in the industry of packaging: food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, agrochemical and petrol.

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Heat Seal Lids

Heat sealing aluminum foil lids, thickness 0.1mm to 0.12mm, with die-cut heat sealing cover, can be sterilized by high temperature, can extend product shelf life, aluminum foil container can be put into microwave oven, etc. used for food, honey, cake, jam, seasoning, tea, Cheese, etc.

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Aluminium Foil Container

Aluminium foil containers are widely used thanks to the excellent barrier properties of the aluminium. It protects food against water and gas, distributes the temperature homogeneously and quickly, is sterile and safe for use in direct contact with food. In addition, its lightness has a positive effect on the transportation costs.

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Aluminium Peel Off ENDs

Peel-off Ends consist of aluminum foil with a heat sealing layer. It is the latest innovation of metal end for sealing tin-plated cans.

A ring or a tab is attached to the aluminum foil membrane. The metal can can be opened by pulling with just one finger, no extra instruments is needed. It is very user-friendly and suitable for children, women and elder people.

Aluminum easy peel lids share the same high barrier properties with the traditional lids. In comparison, it reduces the risk of metal shavings and particles falling into the can during the process of opening.

Aluminum foil can be replaced by a transparent laminated foil to creating a transparent Peel-off Ends

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Foam/Pressure Sensitive

Pressure sensitive liner is designed with an EVA-based pressure sensitive (PS) adhesive coated on foamseal (extruded foamed Polystyrene) and a release coating on the back that does not come in contact with the product. It adheres to either glass or plastic bottles when applied and sticks to the bottle when the cap is removed. It is often seen as a cost effective option for products that requires liner seal as it does not require automatic equipment to be applied.

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