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Professional Easy-Tear Sealing Packaging Materials Production Customization

Leadmens Packaging Group (China) established since 1999, located at Zhongshan City. We specialized producing packaging materials such as aluminum foil seal liner, aluminum foil seal, aluminum foil container, aluminum easy-peel off end cover, etc. Our company has achieved our own stretching and sealing performance enhancement, heat seal layer enhancement, and received certificate from SGS, ROSH, FDA by building our own high standard system of maintaining product in good quality.

After years of development, Leadmens Packaging Group has set up a new factory located at Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City in year 2008, and in year 2017 we have set up a new branch at Malaysia.


We have always been adhering to the honesty and innovation as our business policy, and fulfill our high aim, high integrity, high quality, high safety, high progress, and efficiency service concept, we focused on producing safe packaging materials product, and believe our product can help customer to bring value, and have cooperation with many domestic and international well-knows partner, we strive towards to the goal of becoming a company with efficiency, creation and integration by synchronous with our partner.


Our company have many customers worldwide. We have delivered to customers in China, Germany, England, Japan, Korea, Russian, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. We are well established in the packaging materials market.