Cosmetic Industry

Cosmetic packaging, in a period of time, PET, acrylic cosmetic bottle, because of its advantages of a large number of plastic materials, has been very popular in the field of cosmetic bottle packaging, and the market of glass cosmetic bottles has been greatly impacted.

However,Leadmens International believes that the cosmetics bottle packaging is different from other packaging market, it is not very sensitive to the cost of packaging, on the contrary, it is more focused on the external and the temperament of the cosmetics bottle convey, the more popular cosmetics manufacturers and consumers are considered, along with the development of the cosmetics market, cosmetics enterprises more and more want to force in the high-end market, in this market environment, the cosmetics bottle appears on the packaging of advantage is much higher than that of plastic cosmetic bottles.

At the same time, the glass bottle as a traditional form of cosmetics packaging, whether manufacturers or natural filling line, the use of consumer habits, which are beneficial to glass cosmetic bottles, therefore, packaging market prospects of glass bottle for cosmetics is still worth looking forward to, manufacturers should do more efforts.