Chemical Industry

The purpose of the combination of plastic composite soft packing substrate is to choose the plastic film with different characteristics to make the best quality guarantee effect when making packaging. The principle of composite membrane selection is to choose plastic packaging materials, which not only ensure the quality of the products, but also extend the performance requirement of the products, and do not increase the cost of packaging because of the excess quality performance. Here, the sealing membrane manufacturers talk about the composite packaging materials and its characteristics briefly.

First: good comprehensive performance. With all constitute the performance of single-layer materials of composite materials, and the performance is better than that of any single material performance, can meet some special requirements such as packaging, packaging and sterilization under high pressure and high temperature (120-135 degrees Celsius), vacuum packaging, high barrier properties of inflatable package etc..

Second: the decorative packaging and printing effect is good, safety and health. The printing decoration layer can be placed in the middle layer (the outer layer is transparent material), which has the function of protecting and beautifying without polluting the interior.

Third: good heat sealing performance and high strength, easy to automate and produce and high speed packaging operation. The design of the structure and function of the composite soft packaging material is the soul of the whole composite soft packaging production process, and the prerequisite for production. The reasonable structural design is the comprehensive balance of cost, performance and processing.